Integration of training with current sports

  • Hi so for some background I do rowing as a sport 6 times a week at school (Tuesday - Saturday) and have 3 extra sessions by myself outside of that which are really just 1 hour cardio sessions. I really want to be a Green Beret and I know that I would have to practice running a lot as well as with a ruck and likely other training too. I wasn't sure how to integrate this kind of training with my rowing as it's quite intense and I really can't drop my performance during those school sessions as doing well in rowing is going to essentially help with going to uni in the States and eventually being able to do the 18X program. So I was wondering how to train alongside this and if it was possible. Any help/advice would be appreciated.


    P.S. Rowing training stops in the summer holidays and we also have an off-season during Autumn term where some more work can be done outside of rowing

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