PT Punishment

  • Firstly , thank you for welcoming me to the Academy. I really enjoy the banter between Sean and Kurt on the ”beers and breakdowns”. In the review of Top Gun Maverick you talked about using PT as a means of on the spot field punishment, which might seem harsh and misplaced to some. I served 5 years in thé Foreign Légion Parachute Régiment 2 REP back in ’83/88 with numerous tours of duty in Africa. When you are working in hostile environments with limited resources in manpower you can’t afford to have people lying around in cells or repatriated to the Continent, so on the spot discipline is the answer. We had ”tombeau” and ”pelote”, the first being to dig your own grave, if you’ré lucky they give you a spade, which you sleep in over night. Then comes ”pelore” . They take your rucksack, put à rock in thé bottom , replace your kit, then à rock on the top. You then run in circles round a guy with à whistle. On his ordres you perform star jumps, tiger crawls, duck walks or forward rolls... If you show grit, don’t quit and man up to the punishment, it lasts one hour. If you show weakness it lasts longer, much longer. But at thé end the story is closed and no further action is taken. I fucked up on guard duty in Bangui, Central Africa, and got this punishment. Never fucked up again ! So to all the SF ”hopefulls”, there is à method to the apparent harshness of military training and conditioning , this Academy can give you an insight to the mind set required and every bit of advice comes from hard earned lessons. So take what you can and get prepared.

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