Previous Mental Health & MEPS - need help/advice

  • Hello!

    Gentlemen, I need some advice. I have MH and SH stuff from the past, and I've never been diagnosed or clinically treated. I've been told by recruiters/friends to lie at MEPS, that ain't happenin.

    I'm doing much, much better now thank God. I'm working everyday on strengthening my mind; mood is way better, stable, and able to deal with the hard times constructively - spending time with friends, etc.

    However, I recently watched someone in the service suggest you should undergo 1-3 years of counseling before going to MEPS, as a sign to them that you're defined clinically as stable (notes, progress from a counselor - a professional vouching that you're stable/fit)

    Is this true? Should I just go and ask for a waiver instead? I'm anxious that 2 years of work only to be DQ'd will happen. Any advice would help. Thank you guys. 

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