NG 15T - Shipping Out After College

  • Hey everyone!

    I'm in the National Guard as a 15T (Blackhawk mechanic). I'm also a junior in college, so I plan on going to SFRE in the winter of 2024 and going to selection after I graduate.

    I feel like I was made for the special forces. I've always wanted a job that was adventurous and made a difference. I've always had a passion for the outdoors.

    Also, the most transformative experience in my life was when my family moved to a village in rural France and enrolled me in the local highschool. I have been in love with foreign cultures and languages ever since.

    As such, when I started looking into military careers and found out about these guys that went to survival school, learned a second language, and had a job of going to these middle-of-nowhere villages to teach and fight with guerillas, it seemed like the perfect match.

    I've had a pretty comfortable life so far, though, and mental toughness is a huge barrier. I think my self-talk might get be better of me, but I'm listening to "The War in Your Mind," and going to therapy just to improve my outlook.

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