18X with waivers

  • Wanted to make a intro but also a post to give some guys out there a little hope. I just signed my 18x contract and ship 30 Jan. I have 8 Years of tattoo removal and surgery to close up my ear lobes under my belt to get this far. Covid delayed the process a bit and landed me needing an age waiver for both service and From SWC for the 18x contract as well as a GED waiver and a tattoo waiver because my throat and chin tattoo are still slightly visible. Im sure these waivers were made easier to get with a 95 AFQT, 138GT and good PT scores but i also had recruiters that went to bat for me and were willing to put in the work. 


    So if you are a 35 year old dad, GED holder with tattoos.. keep trucking! Its possible if you want it!

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