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  • Hi, I'm an anonymous underage person aspiring to join the SASR. My biggest concern (apart from the static PT) is the timed 15km (9.32057 miles) ruckmarch with a 28kg (61.7294 lb) rucksack, +7kg webbing and weapon, all in no more that 2 hours and 20 minutes. How on earth do I prepare for that?! I've already started training rucking with a 10kg rucksack at my local nature reserve, but I'm not sure how the hell I'm going to survive 15kms with all that weight, considering that running is not one of my strengths. Are there any tips you could give me to help with my training?

  • *Side note, one of the worst problems with this ruck is the weather, because it's like 29 Palms on steroids. Do you have any advice on how to prepare for this sort of environment?*

  • Hey so since you didn't get a response, I'll share the advice I've been given.

    One of the mentors here told me that running and improving your cardio is the best way to prepare for rucking. Rucking, with all that weight on your back, could lead to injury, and if you're good at running, you'll be good at rucking.

    One bit of advice from my short military career is to make sure you've broken in whatever books you'll be rucking with. Rucking on your own is still good for this (despite what I just said) because you want to have your boots worn in to avoid any foot troubles.

    Lastly, here's a video I watched that was useful. It's for the Army's 12-miler, but there's lots of helpful advice.

    Crush the 12 Mile Ruck | Ranger School, Special Operations, Airborne, SFAS, Infantry, US Army - YouTube

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