Stolen Valor

  • Thanks everyone who bothers to chime in here. Looking for a little vet support. I am an Airforce vet, 2 tours Iraq. Got out and started a company. Anyhow, a few months ago I hired a guy who seemed cool, Also a vet. Things were good but then he started saying a lot of stuff that seemed too coincidental. He started claiming he was a Teir 2 operator in Navy SWIC. Top teir sniper, Killing guys in knife fights. Got blown-up by VBIED and med discharged. Well nothing else matches with this guy. Not his attitude, not his age for claimed rank, not details about regular in garrison life. His stories are all really vague. Does anyone know if/where I can corroborate his story? I hope I'm dead wrong and this guy is as awesome as he claims but something doesn't sit right. I was an engineer 3E5X1 and not some high speed bad ass so I don't have a lot to compare to,  but I can't sit idle if this guy's lying about being some elite sniper. Any help you all can give would be awesome. Thank you. 

  • Freedom of Information Act.  You can request a basic, not so detailed version of a DD214.  It does cost a bit though.  

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