Training advice for 36 year old joining Army for first time, knowing I want my shot at attending SFAS

  • Hey guys,

    Just joined the Academy forum after being a subscriber on YT for a bit now and watching all of Buck's videos.  I have been thoroughly impressed as the content continues to get better, and he is full of motivation.  That said, I am making the decision as a recently-turned 36 year old male to go into service as enlisted in the Army.  I already have the scores on the ASVAB for my pick of MOS, and am actively awaiting my med pre-screen from MEPS as we speak, so I can proceed onwards towards the physical, with the hope of signing a contract ASAP.  I have not yet decided which MOS pathway I am going to take on the way in, however, as that is still up to debate.

    My primary question for everyone, and maybe even Buck himself ;), is what do you think the best program would be to begin training for selection as a 36 year old, who has primarily stayed in shape over the years using only P90X & Body Beast at my home gym?  Even so, I am JUST NOW getting back on the horse after probably a 6-8 complete hiatus from all programming.  So, essentially starting fresh; however, I am one that my previous gain seems to come back in a relatiely efficient manner as I begin to jump back in full speed and send it again (at least they have in the past).  

    With not knowing exact how soon I will potentially be shipping off for basic, or potentially OSUT, at this point due to awaiting MEPS med read (note: zero physical/mental limitations in regards to my med read so I have nothing holding me back on any front for training purposes), I am wondering what the best training programming would be to go ahead and get a head start now, at 36 years old.  My home gym has pull up bar, full suite of dumbells going from 5lbs up to 65lbs/each, and adjustable bench.  Also have access to trail running spots and multiple high school tracks, and paved trails, near by for running/conditioning work.

    Any particular programs from the FNG Academy playbook that could be suited for someone older like myself?  For reference, I am 6'4" and around 190lbs.  I was around 205lbs-ish around 8 months ago before my past career/relationship threw me off course.  Now, I am going full speed and going to send it with no distractions as I am committed to enlisting.

    Curious to hear from any other attempting any selections at a similar age range to mine, and just any advice in general!  Regardless, nice to meet everyone, and look forward to learning more and following this community as it continues to grow!

    Cheers, everyone!

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