Enlisting in 18x MOS at 31

  • I am 31 and want to enlist through the 18x program. What do I need to know. I am meeting with a recruiter in 3 days. 

  • I just posted a similar topic to you, but I've got you beat in age by 5 years my man!  I am getting ready to join at 36 and ready to send it.  Looking for training and programming advice to begin NOW prior to even having a contract signed, as I am just awaiting my MEPS pre-screen to get cleared for the physical, then I will be on my way to signing a contract.  Not for sure yet if I should be going straight 18X or not on my way in, as I would like to avoid going to "needs of the Army" should I end up not getting selected on first try.  Weighing my options on that now.

    Let me know if you've got a solid training plan in place already and what it looks like!  Curious to hear any and all opinions!  Check out my post for further details on where I am at and what my programming has been in the past.


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