Ruck Awareness

  • Hey Sean and the FNG Academy Team, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in hosting a 12-15 mile ruck march to help raise PTSD awareness and maybe a fundraiser for the GBF? 


    I was in the Army from 2010 to 2014. I had a very similar story that happen to me when I tried out for Rangers. Rangers was a dream of mine and while going through RASP, i fell and busted my left knee during the 12 mile ruck out to Cole Range. I failed the ruck by 3 minutes and when i got to the finish line, the instructors made me go get my knee checked out. They wouldnt let me finish the course and they told me to come back. I then was sent to the 82nd Airborne and deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan in 2012. We did some amazing things in Afghanistan and we really got after it but it came with a cost. We suffered loses that was very painful to deal with. I have suffered from PTSD and one thing that has been helping me a lot is rucking and it would be awesome to get a group of people together to ruck and bring more awareness for PTSD and raise money for GBF. 

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