Well, the good and the bad.

  • Hello all. I have made several posts on here along my journey, and sadly it has come to an end today?

    To get you caught up I had talked to a NG recruiter and was planning on signing a 18X contract after my trip to meps scheduled in few weeks, this has been a several month long process due to the genesis program. 

    Sadly my recruiter received an email where I am now permanently disqualified. 

    The good from this is in the last 8 months I have lost 85 pounds and gained 30 pounds of muscle. As well as gotten my run time down to sub 7 minute mile on a 5 mile run.

    Currently my plans are to wait out the deadline and look into the airforce, or go into other opportunities if they present themselves. 


    Thanks for the information and help over the last year. 

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    Hey Jonathan, 

    Im sorry to hear about the disqualification. Try not to let it get you down, theres plenty of other options out there and it sounds like you've already got a plan. Keep your head up and keep pushing!

    I do have a question, what is the "genesis program" that you mentioned?



  • Thank you for the reply. 

    The genesis program is a new program started in feburary, Each branch calls it something different. It looks at the last 7 years of your medical and pharmaceutical histories, they can also see any learning accommodations a person could have had. If any show up then they need to be justified. 


    I hope this helps.



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