I made 2 of the classic blunders/age

  • Hi it's been a while. I posted a question about mental health 8 to 9 months ago. I'm continuing on my journey however I made a couple of blunders. One of the issues I can not ignore.


    First: I looked up statistics. Don't do this.

    Second: the reason I looked up statistics is I was talking with a coworker, who is in the NG and transfering to active after college. In the conversation he mentioned that all but 1 of the 18x candidates lost their contracts due to an honor violation in OSUT. The reason is his class had a massive contraband issue, and it was viewed that because of how large it was everyone had to have known and none of the class reported it. That was viewed as "conduct not becoming special forces"(co workers words). So whether the candidates were involved or not they lost their contracts. Except for one. Who is a former ranger from the 75th regiment. Again according to my coworker. 

    The reason I went looking for statistics is because I wanted to see if I could back any of this up. Long story short I found a bunch of statistics, but nothing backing this up. 


    So my questions are do any of you know of a similar event or candidates loosing contracts when they do everything right? Because that bothers me. Or is my coworker just blowing smoke? 

    Second point age... but not what you think. So I am 30. The age requirement was lowered to 32 for entrance. The recruiter I talked to said that is not really an issue once I get to SFAS. 

    Question comes to point 2 do I have only 1 shot? 

    I'm just in a brain fog due to this. Looking for advice. For now I am going to go listen to the why again and break in my new pair of boots. 


    Side note. I'll post a workout and general status update later.






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    Hey Jonathan, 

    I personally have never heard of a situation like what your co worker is describing. Just keep in mind that there will always be situations that are out of your control. The best practice is to keep your focus on what you can control.

    Don't worry  about what happened the class before you, or the statistics. Most everything that you hear is from the rumor mill anyway and will only serve to distract you and cause you to doubt yourself. 

    Someone once told me, "worrying is like a rocking chair...it gives you something to do for a while, but at the end of the day you're in the same place."


    As for the age question, that will be best suited for your recruiter. Requirements are constantly fluctuating and they should have the most up to date information. 


    Good luck in your journey!

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