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  • Is it true that if you're fluent in your given language you can test out or skip language school? If so what would the required steps be in order to do so.

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    Hey Isaiah, 

    Im not too familiar with the process to test out of language school. However, I did have a couple people in my class that were able to go that route. One thing to consider is that just because you are fluent in a language does not mean that you will be assigned that language. Everything is based on needs of the Regiment. Meaning if youre fluent in one of the core languages, however there is no openings for your MOS in that particular group, then you may get assigned a totally different language. Case in point-I have a friend that was fluent in Spanish, took 4 years of Arabic in college, and was assigned Mandarin Chinese as his language. Go figure...

    Good Luck!

  • @FNG_Kurt  this was very helpful, thank you!

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