OSUT as a 18X Candidate

  • Hey Everyone, 

    I am in the progress of getting myself physically ready for joining and SFAS. With OSUT being 22 weeks long I am wondering if 18X candidates get some more time to train or if you are going to lose a lot of your physical fitness while there? Basically, am I getting into the best shape of my life to then lose a decent amount of it at OSUT and then scramble to get it back before SFAS? 

    Also, does anyone have any up to date information on the prep course? Everything online is pretty outdated. 

    Any input from someone with some personal experience or knowledge would be awesome. Thanks.

  • Staff member

    Hey Sage,

    You will likely lose a bit at OSUT, but once you get to Ft Bragg you will be in the SOPC program which is great for getting you physically prepared for SFAS. You should have plenty of time. The SOPC guys were all studs during SFAS.

    Good Luck

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