• Hey! 

    I'm a new 18x candidate, got my first drill in a couple weeks. Way excited to start down this journey. 

    Question about footwear. I was issued some boots to wear that honestly are not the best. I know that's what I'll get issued again in basic, but at what point can I wear a different pair?

    Also, any recommendations on a good pair for SFAS? 


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    Hey Mckay, Generally you will be required to wear the Army issue boots all through Basic training.  Once you get to airborne/SOPC/SFAS you should be able to wear whatever boots you want (as long as they are Army approved (AR670-1).


    I always liked the Rocky V2 boots, but its very much a personal preference. I would suggest going to a store and trying on as many pairs as you can to see which works best for you. 


    Good Luck!

  • @Mckay Tanner  I don't know where you are in the pine line but I'd recommend either garmont T8 bifidas or macv-1's from goruck. As always go try them on!!

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