Is there time to condition when you enter the training pipeline?

  • Once your shipped off to basic, how much opportunity to you have to train? My pipeline is broken down into: basic, Infantry (mos), Jump, Sopc, SFAS and Q... I would imagine you have time to do extra conditioning (ruck, lift, run) during the initial phases of training but maybe not... in Jump School maybe?.... How has this looked for guys who have gone through it? On average, how much time do you get inbetween each training phase... 



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    Hey Ryan, 

    I was prior service, so I cannot speak to OSUT/SOPC, however at Jump school we had nights/weekends to ourselves so there was plenty of time to PT on your own. The Q course was the same. Unless you were away at Camp Mackall for SUT/SERE/etc. you had nights and weeekends as well. Also while "on hold", meaning between phases, we would have a couple of accountability formations a day, otherwise you were free to do what you want for the remainder of the day. Generally we were on hold anywhere from 1-3 weeks between phases. 


    Hope that helps

  • yea it does! thanks

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