Ryan 18X/NG California

  • Whats up, 

    My name is Ryan "Gremlin' (my tattoo name) and I heard about the community through the "Combat Stories" podcast featuring "Buck Rogers". 

    I'm 38, and got the green light from SF school for an 18X contract through the NG. I had to submit an age waiver, and so far it has cleared the Army, and now is in the SF school for their final write off. I plan to ship out in June. 

    Up until this point, I was a tattooer and did other various jobs. I graduated from college in 08. My uncle is a retired army Colonel and I had been speaking with him for some time about joining up. I've wanted to joing for some time and am excited that I finally got the opportunity. 

    Thanks, glad to be here. 

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