• Hey y'all! I am new here, so I wanted to throw out an intro. My name is Spencer, I grew up just off JBLM in Washington (Yelm) but now reside near Houston. Growing up around 2/75, 1st Group, and the 160th, I always wanted to be in Special Operations. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked pursuing a Paramedic career for the past eight years and let that slide. 

    At 26 years old I have now put my foot down and made the decision that I need to go for what I have always wanted. I have one year of school left for my BA, so I am giving myself one year to lose 55lbs and get into as best shape as possible to give myself the best shot at this. I look forward to learning with and from you all! 

  • Spencer,

    Welcome man! The frist thing I would recommend is to look into 18A fitness. I did the SOF prep course (8weeks) and it rocked man. Keep your nose to the grind stone and you'll go far. 

  • @Wallace Garlington thank you brotha! I will definitely look into the programs, I have heard awesome things and will take any and all help I can get. Be safe and good luck! 

  • Staff member

    Hey Spencer, welcome!

    It sounds like you've got a solid plan. I was 27 when I went to Basic training as well. For me it was an advantage. If i would have enlisted when I was younger I dont think I would have ended up going SF. 


    Good luck on your journey!

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