What rucksack should I be training with?

  • It seems obvious that I should be training with the same ruck that I plan on using in selection, but what ruck is that? Standard issue Army rucksack? I'm a civilian and am having trouble finding a definitive answer. 

    Right now I train with my GoRuck 'Rucker'. It holds plenty of weight but I'm worried that it's streamlined/minimalist design might be doing me a disservice. 

    I appreciate any and all feedback. 



  • Storm

    I'm not a green beret, but I am hardslotted to go next week.

    The rucksack you will use is the army standard issue Molle. 

    I can confirm this because I see several people going in and out of my divisions SORB office that applicants go through for SFAS, Psyops, and CA. Each selection process is different but they all use the same rucksack model.

    Since I assume you're trying to go 18X, you'll probably get issued a ruck at Camp "Hashbrowns" 

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    You should be good with your Rucker for now. Just getting used to having weight on your back is the main thing to focus on. I wouldnt buy an army ruck. You will be issued your ruck when you get out of Basic training and that will be the one that you use at SFAS and beyond. 


    Good Luck!

  • Thank you both for the solid advice. 

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