Old Dude at SFAS

  • Looking for advice for the old dude at SFAS.  Hoping to start a private conversation for guidance, support and recommendations.  

  • Hey Will, 

    How old are we talking? I was 29 when I went through. There were plenty of guys that were older than I. Dont look at your age as a detriment, if anything your wisdom will help you!

  • @FNG_Kurt  I will be 42 when I hit SFAS.  I would love some offline guidance and direction if that is possible?  Appreciate what you all do, have been working with the teams for several years now and I finally got the nerve and the conditioning to give it a shot.  

  • @Will Feel free to shoot me a message, Ill help out where I can

  • @Will could you expound on your circumstances? Are you active? I am about to be 39 and was under the impression that 35 was essentially a cutoff for selection. I'd like to get your advice.

  • 38 here... waiting for an approval from the SF school for my age waiver to get in the 18x pipeline... The waiver came in 2 parts - 1 for the army, 1 for SF... which is broken into several documents and includes a background for security clearance (to my understanding)

    To be honest, I'm a little nervous about my age as well, so its good to see other dudes my age applying... 

  • Hey Kurt, Paul here. I'm in the same boat man. I'm 33. I meant to attend the SFRE two years ago, but got into a motorcycle accident, then got Covid 2 times after that a few months apart. But us older gentlemen still have a lot to offer when it comes to experience and knowledge that younger candidates don't have that we can help and teach them, as they will teach us from their experiences. Let's rock this 

  • @Paul Hatley Excuse me Will, not Kurt. My bad

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