• Good evening all,

    My name is James or JW as everybody calls me. I live in Louisiana with my pup, Beau. I'm a former Marine and I'm currently finishing up my Criminal Justice degree this fall. I've contacted a recruiter and I've been working with him to get my papers in order and the MEPS visit(s) all in line. Always felt that I could give a lot more to my country and I've had this urge inside of my head constantly pestering me at least once a day to go and be more. So, that's what I've decided to do - be more. I'm a personal trainer at my local Y so I train nearly every day and (try to) eat right. I am a firm believer in "sharing is caring" so if there is anything that a brethren might need hit me up here. Thank you to Buck and Kurt for creating a platform like this. 🤙

    Push - 105

    Sit - 95

    Run - 13:20

    Pull - 23

  • How are you training and eating at the moment? I am interested to know as I am new to training.

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    Welcome JW!

    Best of luck in your pursuit!

  • @Lachlan Husk 

    I've been following the PT Handbook for SFAS. They have all of the useful stuff I've been following on the website somewhere. I'll attach it below. I usually test out everyday to start my day then I'll run a decent distance 5-10 miles, sometimes under a 45-50lbs pack. You can usually snag an old Alice pack from your local military surplus store & then grab a frame from Amazon. I do a lot of static holds with heavy weights to help as well. That's what I'm doing & it's helped me a lot during my journey. I'm 4 years out of the Marine Corps but still hungrier than ever. What I tell my clients that want to start running is to put the miles in & keep going back. The secret sauce to success is sweat & determination. Always try to remember your "why".


  • @Lachlan Husk 

    As for the nutrition portion - man I eat anything under the sun. I like to go to local health shops and eat organic stuff some days. Other days, I like to grab a caniac combo from canes. If you're trying to lose weight for selection then you have to burn more calories than you intake. Bananas are typically my breakfast along with 4-5 brown sugar oatmeal packets. I'm not concerned with my eating habits too much though.

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