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Best MOS

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    Lets hear what everyones top choice is for MOS and why you want that job!

    If you're attending a different selection post what job you would like in that branch. 






    18A-Team Leader (Officer)

  • Delta is definitely the coolest, I know it is the hardest to pass, but I think bucks has said in videos that you don't have to do as much dumb stuff when you're on a team. For example I think he said that as a bravo he had to keep track of all the team weapons and serial number, ammo, etc. also medicine has always interested me.

  • Bravo for me, I like weapon systems, shooting weapon systems and keeping them functional. Plus I'm not smart enough nor have the patience to be a Delta. 

  • Bravo/weapons, I like the parts and how they function... I'm interested in tactics... I would get crossed trained in Medicine 

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