Languages for 1st Group

  • I'm looking to get into 1st Group at JBLM WA, what would be some good languages I learn to try to prep before going to SFAS?

  • Nikolaus,

    The majority of 1st group languages are Asian languages. Chinese Mandarin, Korean, and Tagalog. That being said, I was assigned to 1st Grp as a Russian speaker (there weren't many of us) but I actually got to use my language skills during my trips to Mongolia which was pretty cool. 

    That being said, a lot of your language assignment will have to do with your DLPT score. If your unfamiliar with that test you can google it. Although having some proficiency in this one of the aforementioned languages couldn't hurt steer your career in that direction. 


  • @FNG_Kurt Privet! From the 20th and 19th SFG which group should I go to use my Russian? Spasibo!

  • @Sergei A Ya ne znayo, I dont know much about the Guard groups. But I do know that they can have a wide mix of languages and you can hop on deployments with active teams pretty easily. 



  • @FNG_Kurt my best friend was an 18F at 19th and his languages were Czech and German, which he picked up during his active duty time at 10th. They didn't help as much in 19th's area of operations.

    RIP Hognose, you are missed.

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