Land Navigation

  • Going into SFAS while I'm in the Navy so I won't have prep other than what I do on my own. With that being said any good books you recommend for learning Land Navigation on my own? 

  • Jesse, 

    I wouldn't worry about Land Nav too much. Once you get to SFAS they will teach you everything that you need to know. You will likely just pick up bad habits if you spend too much time trying to learn on your own. I went to SFAS with zero land nav experience and had no issue passing the star course. 

    IMO your time would be better spent preparing yourself physically. The more time you spend under a 35-45lb ruck, the better off you will be. Your back and feet will thank you for it when you actually get to Camp Mackall!

  • FNG Team:


    I really appreciate your assistance and guidance.  When it comes to land navigation, I have been told by many GBs that the lectures, walk-abouts, and teaching are exactly what you need to pass land navigation.  However, the question I do have is to improve visibility (especially for visibility through the draw monsters), which is the best month to be walking through the bush on the star course?  What I am referring too, which month/s have the least amount of vegetation, while avoiding the snowy/icy/cold month/s?


    Again, thank you for everything I will be heading to SFAS later this year.

  • Hey Will, the draws in the training areas at Ft Bragg/Camp Mackall are thick all year! I went through SFAS in January and it was no better then when I went through Land Nav during IUW in the summer time. 

    The best practice is to avoid the draws at all costs!


    Good Luck in SFAS!

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